Metastatic Breast Life Expectancy And Prognosis Healthline

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  • The stage of your breast when you re diagnosed plays an important role in your prognosis. According to the National Institute NCI , you have the best chance of survival in the five years post diagnosis when breast is diagnosed and treated at an earlier stage..

  • Many factors can affect your chances of long term survival. Different Stage is the most serious and life threatening stage of breast. Most often It may significantly increase your lifespan and improve your quality of life. This video file .

  • Treatments for metastatic breast can help prolong your life, but they also cause side effects Metastatic Breast Life Expectancy and Prognosis..

  • In this article, learn about the symptoms of stage breast, as well as the symptoms to help a person have a better quality of life..

Metastatic breast life expectancy and prognosis healthline