Stage Breast Cancer Treatment

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  • Inflammatory breast. Inflammatory breast IBC can be either stage III or stage IV, depending on whether it has spread to other parts of the body. Treatment for IBC can include chemo or other systemic therapies, local therapies such as radiation, and surgery..

  • Stage II .s are treated with either breast conserving surgery BCS sometimes called lumpectomy or partial mastectomy or mastectomy. The nearby lymph nodes will also need to be checked, either with a sentinel lymph node biopsy SLNB or an axillary lymph node dissection ALND ..

  • Stage . Surgery. Lumpectomy and mastectomy may both be options depending on the size and location of the tumor. Radiation therapy. Radiation therapy targets any remaining . cells in the chest and lymph nodes. Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a systemic therapy to kill . cells throughout the body. Hormone .

  • Breast is a complex disease that s different for every woman. Before you start a treatment, your doctor will want to know the size of the .

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