Two Cases Of Possible Remission In Metastatic Triple Negative Breast

  • Triple negative breast TNBC has been shown to generally have a poor prognosis. Within the first years of diagnosis, the mortality .

  • Generally have a poor prognosis. Within the first years of. of breast, although late relapses are less common. prognosis can vary widely. recurrence to death for metastatic disease is about months, breasts. New targeted therapies are emerging for breast, but. with TNBC. metastatic TNBC..

  • Triple negative breast TNBC is a distinct subtype of breast However, there exists discordance between these two entities incidence of TNBC than white women, which suggests possible . The metastatic behavior of TNBC also is quite distinct compared with other subtypes..

  • Metastatic triple negative breast not always so bad Normal deliveries of two children at years . Breastfed less than forms of breasts but it is possible to obtain complete remission in the treatment of metastatic TNBC. Maintenance therapy can be a good option in that case. What is the .

Two cases of possible remission in metastatic triple negative breast